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Known for: Being a passionate creator with a  unique ability to elevate and transform the products in front of his lens. His signature lighting style is highly sought-after by creative directors, top beauty editors and premium brands across the country.

WHERE ARE YOU BASED? I’m based out of Sydney, and my studio is in Alexandria.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE INDUSTRY? ​I started assisting when I was at university doing a visual communication course, then I started assisting still-life/ fashion photographers. Somehow I leaned more towards the stills, and enjoyed the challenge of detailed lighting.

Can you say a little about what you do? Your process or why you love it or how you would describe your work? What I do...
I guess it’s helping in the process. I like to think that we can start with the brief, but end up somewhere that’s better. Being able to push in terms of creative lighting is where I like to be in the day; it’s a process. And generally, time is crucial to the outcome of the day. I guess my work has been described in many ways, and I wouldn’t disagree with any of the compliments.

Most memorable shoot/job/person you have worked with? There have been a few over the last 20 years. I think every year there is one, and it’s usually when the team comes together and everything is on point. We recently shot a job for a retail giant – it was washers and dryers, and the sets, styling and lighting all just fell into place and we got some pretty sexy images considering they are appliances. We felt that the execution was just right. I also like a team that is focused on the job and not on their socials during the shoot.


You are quite active on Instagram, what role does it play creatively and for you? Using this platform helps get out new work and show behind-the-scenes. The nature of BTS is perfect on Instagram: people just want to see how it’s done.


What’s your favourite social platform and why? I’m only on Instagram [for work]; I use Facebook for hobbies and interests.

We’re staying at home a lot at the moment. What’s keeping you entertained? 
Netflix is my quiet-time friend, but we have a little boy who is nearly two, and is a constant source of entertainment.


What’s your coffee order?  Two strong lattes before 9 a.m.

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