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KNOWN FOR: His signature look – relaxed, yet polished texture – and being Asher Keddie’s go-to hair stylist.


HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE INDUSTRY? I’ve always had a fascination with hair – even from a very young age. I started building my own hairstyling kit by raiding my mum’s bathroom. My first job was at a hair salon in Newcastle, and I pretty much decided from that point that I wanted to be one of those hairstylists who did hair in all of the glossy magazines. Pretty soon after this, I decided to  move to Sydney to begin my hair journey. My first photoshoot was many moons ago with Cleo magazine,  and this is where I learnt how the magazine/ editorial world worked. Not long after that first shoot, I was on the road travelling the world doing what I love.
I still love doing it every day. 

Being a collaborator on shoots is where I thrive. From getting the initial brief to workshopping the look required to make the shot shine. I love the process of shooting, and being part of the team is what drives me. I would say my style is effortless, and I love helping the talent feel as beautiful as possible. Don’t get me wrong – I also love working on all the European shows with my friend Eugene Souliman. He inspires me to challenge the way I think about hair.  

Most memorable shoot/job/person you have worked with?  Most memorable... isn’t every day memorable? I really do love what I do, from working
in the salon to being backstage at the shows with the likes of [John] Galliano.


YOU ARE VERY ACTIVE ON INSTAGRAM. WHAT ROLE DOES IT PLAY FOR YOUR BRAND? Active on insta? LOL! I treat Instagram as my website, and a little snippet into my world – be it hair or inspiration. Insta is a great way for me to showcase some of my work and the brands that I work with. It has also helped me launch my own brand, K-SET, which is a luxury kit bag for hairstylists , makeup artists, stylists and digital operators. 


What’s your favourite social platform and why? I’d have to say that Instagram is a platform that resonates with me. I love the visual imagery. To me, it's my magazine.
I do use Facebook, however I use it more for family.

We’re staying at home quite a bit at the moment, what’s keeping you entertained? What’s keeping me entertained? Spending time in my wig room, reorganising my kits and just hanging out in the garden. I’m always looking at fashion films, but my go to are Esther Williams films. The glamour sucks me in.

What’s your coffee order? Piccolo, one sugar, and I would have at least four-to-five of these a day. Yep, crazy right?

what’s your favourite playlist, classic go-to album, or new discovery? My favourite playlist right now is Michel Gaubert's Chanel playlist, eclectic mixes, and anything from the ‘70s.  Love the Alessi Brothers track 'Seabird' - love, love, love.

What’s your favourite new gadget/tech/platform/app and why? I’m currently teaching myself how to edit videos on Videoleap. It’s not going so well, LOL! I may have to get a helper...

Are there any future projects or plans you can share with us? Ahhhh future plans! Growing my K-SET brand: I’m about to launch the second product, and working on the third. I’m sooooo excited.  

FIVE Essential items in your kit? 

My K-SET bag.

The Dyson Corrale™ cordless iron.

Wella EIMI Perfect Me.

Sam McKnight Cool Girl.

A Mason Pearson brush.

Favourite Australian product? Ultra Violette sunscreens.

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