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KNOWN FOR: Her nuanced use of colour and love of maximalism. Lucy has a deep understanding of how to translate trends, craft beautiful fashion editorials, and style celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Phoebe Tonkin.



HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE INDUSTRY? After years of studying and interning at magazines in Sydney and London, I kept in touch with everyone I met along the way (aka constantly pestered) about any fashion assistant positions.  It finally led to an opening at InStyle magazine. I was there for seven years, and I finished up as Fashion Editor. It was an amazing first chapter in my career and since its closure in 2020, I have been pursuing freelance work. 

Can you say a little about what you do? Your process, why you love it or how you would describe your work? My day-to-day is quite varied now, which keeps things exciting. At the moment I am working with brands on new-season campaigns as well as their digital content. I have also been styling and producing editorials for local online publications. I love how a certain outfit can make you feel. And in the same way, how an image can make you feel. There is so much joy in fashion and creating. I hope my work portrays that in some way.

MOST MEMORABLE SHOOT/JOB/PERSON YOU HAVE WORKED WITH? Would have to be shooting Phoebe Tonkin in LA for the cover of InStyle in 2019. It was my first shoot overseas and the whole experience was such a dream. It’s still one of my favourite stories to date.


You are very active on Instagram; what role does it play creatively and for your brand? First and foremost I love Instagram for discovering new brands, visual references and new creatives. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people in the industry and form new relationships. I possibly post a little too much of my dog Alfie instead of work-related stories, but I’m working on that – haha!

What’s your favourite social platform and why? As a visual person
I am drawn to Instagram most. It has evolved so much since it first launched and has become quite a powerful communication tool. I love that it can give small brands a loud voice. I also use Pinterest a lot to find references and build mood boards for clients. It’s so easy to spend hours trawling through pages and pages of imagery.


We’re staying at home a lot at the moment. What’s keeping you entertained? I’ve been very late to the party with Schitt’s Creek, so that has been happily keeping me entertained. Raven Smith and Jordan Firstman on the other hand have had me laughing on Instagram. They. Are. Hilarious. To that note, I have Raven  Smith’s book Trivial Pursuits on my nightstand, which is a great Sunday morning read.

What’s your coffee order? Piccolo, please!


Music is such a big part of working on set. What’s your favourite playlist or go-to album? A great playlist is a true art form I’m yet to master! I often find new favourite artists and songs from being on set, so I love listening to other people’s playlists for some variety. As I’ve been working from home lately I‘ve been loving Zoë Foster Blake’s playlists on Spotify – there’s one for every occasion and mood.

What’s your favourite new gadget/tech/platform/app – and why? I have recently downloaded the app Notion. It’s a great all-in-one place organisational tool for your computer and phone. Since going freelance, it has been a real lifesaver to stay on top of things – from creative briefs to invoice tracking. On a more creative side, I am on the hunt for a new point-and-shoot camera to play around with day to day.


Are there any future projects or plans you can share with us? Nothing I can share at this point I’m afraid. Each week is looking very different at the moment, which is exciting. I have always had the desire to start my own brand of some kind – not too sure what that looks like just yet, though.

Essential items in your kit? Nappy pins, bulldog clips, scissors, tape, and sun cream for when I’ve forgotten to apply it for that 4 a.m. call-time!

Favourite Australian designer? Oh it's too tricky to just say one! However, I have always loved the work of Romance Was Born and Lee Mathews.

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