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Known For: Being the calmest hairstylist in the business and creating beautiful hair that every woman and fashion editor wants. After spending the last 15 years working the European show season for the likes of Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, McQuillan has inside knowledge and insight to the latest fashion hair trends like no other. 


HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE INDUSTRY? I worked my way up from cutting [hair] on the floor, then art directing in a high-profile London salon. I then started assisting Guido [Palau] on shows and shoots, and travelling the world for many years. 

Can you say a little about what you do? tell us about Your process or why you love it or how you would describe your work? I am a hairstylist working mainly in fashion and advertising. I love the transformation and the journey you go on within a creative team (photographer, stylist, makeup artist). There are so many different elements you go through for one shoot – from understanding the brief,
to finding what works and what doesn’t, the lighting and mood, the model's hair quality, what products/ wigs [are needed], even location and weather play a role.  

Most memorable shoot/job/person you have worked with? One show that definitely stands out was Alexander McQueen's Plato’s Atlantis show in 2010 (the last show he was present for). The sheer grandeur of the show, and the epic organisation were incredible. The meticulous lead-up by the hair and makeup teams was inspiring and then the actual show – unforgettable! 


You are very active on Instagram. what role does it play creatively and for your brand? Instagram keeps me thinking and keeps me relevant within my industry. I think we all use it to view and learn from other brands. It can help build websites and creative projects, and most importantly, it can define who you are or where you are going as an artist. 


What’s your favourite social platform and why? Instagram for sure. I’m definitely a visual person and this is a quick easy platform to use with unlimited scope.

We're staying at home a lot at the moment. what’s keeping you entertained? I’m big on podcasts and listen to everything while I walk, which I love. This is my ‘Me' time. It’s my education, therapy and exercise all in one! I like diversity and listen to Desert Island Discs, goop, and Under the Skin.

What’s your coffee order? Strong piccolo!

I always love the music on shoots. what’s your favourite playlist, classic go-to album, or new discovery? I love most genres; it depends what mood I’m in, or who I’m with.

What’s favourite new gadget/tech/platform/app and why? is a really useful platform for sharing mood boards and referencing between creative/ clients/ art directors.

Are there any future projects or plans you can share with us?I always have projects on the go in varying stages – some make it to air, others don’t.

FIVE Essential items in your kit? 

Hot Tools Marcel curling irons and flat iron.

GHD hair dryer.

Mason and Pearson brush.

YSPark 101 Basic Tail Comb.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

Supremo Magic Move (Light).

(It's hard to narrow down!)

Favourite Australian product? Lanolips.

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