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Known for: Weaving his magic light across fashion accessories, beauty and homewares, his passion for creating intricate sets from handwoven rope, and his stunning still-life sets.

WHERE ARE YOU BASED? I'm an Inner-Westie (Sydney) through and through.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE INDUSTRY? My first exciting work was with FollowMe magazine in the '80s. They would get me to shoot their Melbourne portraits. There was never any direction – I was given total creative freedom, bliss! 

Can you say a little about what you do? TELL US ABOUT Your process? After years of capturing editorial images, I have come to trust my creative instincts. For so long, magazines have been so pressed for time and resources, and often a shoot day would arrive, and all we had was product and a few vague directional ideas. With these vague ideas, we would start playing and were often surprised at where we ended up. Some of my best work has been created this way. Having said that, I like to think my work is a balance between play and technique, so I am equally excited working to an exact brief. This is when I take joy in bringing my problem-solving and technical skills to the fore.

Most memorable shoot/job/person you have worked with? 
My memory is not very good, I’m more excited about my next job. 


You are quite active on Instagram. what role does it play creatively, and for you as an individual? I love pictures. I love making
them and I love looking at them. Instagram allows me a window into so many creative minds. Ideas for me come from all over the place – sometimes from other pictures, sometimes completely out of the blue. Ideas are seeds, and how you direct and nurture those ideas is where the work, and where the fun, is. 


What’s your favourite social platform and why? Instagram is like a warm bath of pictures. Pinterest is an occasional thing. Twitter: too many words.  Facebook for no reason other than it’s there, it’s everywhere.

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